How Adapted Books Help In Learning

30 Dec

Adapted books are customized such that they can be used by students who are physically or those requiring special education. Using adapted books students are engaged to target and read various language skills. Adapted books are made such that they are encouraging and engaging.To learn more about Adapted Books, view collection .  Students feel part of the adapted book they are reading because they are supposed to move or add pieces in the book. This is a short definition of adapted books and the reason behind why they are important.

Adapted books are different in skillset levels that is why they can be used by students who have different literacy skills sets. For example there are some adapted books that are quite repetitive in a way that they increase a student’s repetition and participation to help them to retain new information. To learn more about Adapted Books, shop here . The books have pictures related to vocabulary terms meaning that they offer visual support to assist in knowing and understanding the verbal message. As the levels of the adapted books increase students depend on written words and not on pictures.

Other adapted books require the students to match the bugs onto the correct school supply items with the pictures provided at the bottom of the page. This may not sound difficult but it is for students who have low function abilities. As a result, using this adapted one must target many language skills. Students are expected to participate in the book, differentiate various pictures and understand the auditory message. The student can turn the page, name items and point the pictures and words on the page.

Other adapted books require of the student to get the right color item and put add it on the book. One an example is the book known as the what is the snowman wearing, where the student should find the snowman and be able to match the description. The student can be encouraged to point the text box each time you verbalize the words and you will find eventually they can also utter the words. Adapted books are repetitive in nature meaning the students can verbalize the books topic with you.

The number concept is also found in some adapted books where the student is requested to point out the correct number of items and match their description. The book what is on the grill is one such example where the student is expected to show what is on the grill and be able to match the correct food item.

Finally, there are other target books that aim at prepositional concepts. In this students should place the correct targeted item in the right location. The purpose of prepositional concepts is to build on vocabulary skills which are not so easy for special students. Learn more from

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